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  1. I remember people saying that when Karl lejman came in from falkirk juniors and brought 6 or 7 players with him before he couldn't do the role. Just because people come from another club doesn't mean they are. Does that mean linlithgow rose are camelon juniors as some of the old guard went to watch them their whole management team and most of the players came from camelon
  2. Just you stick to the Rose instead of worrying about us
  3. a lot of people knew about the syngenta thing before it became public knowledge but people here a story and add bits on
  4. Rumours from people who have absolutely zero idea clearly. LK isn't compatable for EOSFL football. Already doing a lot of work at the ground. As I said Steven said that in his interview
  5. What would be the reason to move the club to Little Kerse? If he wanted to do that he could have spun Syngenta off and called them LK. Theirs been a lot of work done in the Pavillion this week. He even stated in his interview that we were staying at Carmuirs. Long term would be too get an astro down.
  6. finished 2nd last season only missed out on the title on the last day of the season
  7. Fuzzybear said in the initial post about benches having an altercation didn't mention the tunnel
  8. Ah right couldn't quite fathom how the supporter fitted in to a fight in the dugout
  9. How did a supporter get involved with a fracas between dugouts
  10. Paul's a good player can play full back or in midfield but was full back at camelon
  11. It wasn't about lidl being ready. They were being prevented from doing anything because the developer didn't follow its agreements. It was probably done by council in good faith that the developer would keep to its word.
  12. Actually played syngenta in last seasons league cup
  13. Syngenta played camelon in the King cup. League Cup hasn't started yet
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