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  1. This is the worry. Highland council have historically not missed any opportunity to hinder our club.
  2. That's missing the point. As well as all the financial difficulties there is a pattern of poor treatment emerging, and (surprise) lack of communication regarding out of contract players, and in this case a long serving club legend. We are bankrupt literally and morally, it would seem.
  3. The Silver Darlings by Neil M Gunn. Fantastic book. Going back to try again with Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. I've struggled to get into it.
  4. Cognitive dissonance at its finest. Gardiner truly believes these 'alternative facts'. Bye Scot.
  5. Unless he gets promoted to chairman. Would anything surprise you at this juncture?
  6. Hopefully avoiding his third relegation on the bounce, yet tied into a three year contract... He has taken a pay cut in fairness though, although he'd have had a brass neck not to.
  7. Does Devine not have another year ? Despite possibly being one of our best players,we are as well selling Udjur, as big Dunc 'The Relegator' Ferguson clearly doesn't fancy him. He'd do a great shift for someone in the Championship.
  8. Hosting a function at the stadium wouldn't lead to the assumption that he is the new CEO shirley !?
  9. Two of my biggest takeaways from the podcast are that (a) Ferguson is definitely staying on next season, and (b) He's away down to Liverpool with the begging bowl to Everton's new investors? Fair play to Morrison for going on the shuffle and speaking to the boys. He does sound exasperated with it all though.
  10. Like you say hopefully all this Kelty nonsense gets blocked by Fife council and we can get back focused on training locally. Speaking of which, having just driven past the IRA, they have broken ground and look like they are starting to set up site for the new training facility there. Does anyone know much about it, would it be suitable for first team training or is it being built solely for the women's team and youth academy? Plus who is funding this project???
  11. The plot thickens.... Hopefully an opportunity for us to back out of the deal if it's flawed
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