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Horrific club photos

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I have a question Eugene:

Now, I get the impression that not many f**ks are given by you and fair play...

But before going out in public or using social media, have you ever once stopped to think "I look like an absolute dicksplash" or that your adopted nickname would as well be 'I Need Attention'...?

Hello friend,

Thanks for the initial kind comment, there may be on occasion times when my apperance or personality will not fit in with the "accepted" and "generic" way. If that offends or irritates some individuals I feel bad for them, as I said before - peace and love friends, Peace and Love! :)


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Basically my friends started a Facebook page called "The Underground us shite" or similar, as this is Eugenes hallowed turf he took great umbrage at the fact his altar of cuntery was being defiled.

Several threats were made towards my friends, including Thundercunt square going a lassy and threatening her with some horrible stuff (like beyond the pale type threats, especially from a guy to a girl).

Hopefully him and his merry band of hipsters can all be killed in a horrific moustache shaving related incident or failing that they can all line up on the Tay Bridge and jump off together like that wee hipster sheep that they are.

Peace and love my friend


Eugene. Thoughts on ArabianKnights quote?

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