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Horrific club photos

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Eugene, some accusations being thrown around here by those that claim to know you. Care to comment on the 'haterz'?


Eugene, if you are reading this, I mind you when you were a young skateboarder trying to be cool. You failed at that as much as you have failed at being a person.

Sheep may be sheared but they always remain sheep.

Ps my Facebook page has more "likes" than yours GIRFUY you snot gargling puddle drinking spunk stain.

Nah, I've got genuine hatred for this cretin because of the nonsense he pulled with some friends of mines.

Guy is a total idiot and deserves the pelters he's getting here.

Basically my friends started a Facebook page called "The Underground us shite" or similar, as this is Eugenes hallowed turf he took great umbrage at the fact his altar of cuntery was being defiled.

Several threats were made towards my friends, including Thundercunt square going a lassy and threatening her with some horrible stuff (like beyond the pale type threats, especially from a guy to a girl).

Hopefully him and his merry band of hipsters can all be killed in a horrific moustache shaving related incident or failing that they can all line up on the Tay Bridge and jump off together like that wee hipster sheep that they are.

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This really has been a joy to behold. FWIW I quite fancied buying myself a blazer on pay day. I never realised they generated so much hatred until now, better go have a shave too :(

I've actually grown a beard for the first time in about 6years thanks to Eugene :)

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You asked how I 'knew you were out' I then replied to which you claimed I was a stalker. If you don't wish to continue this discussion, stop replying. I'd also like to encourage you to stop being so socially awkward whilst out 'clubbing'.

I'm perfectly content with my social skills, maybe if you were too you wouldn't have to put others down to feel good about yourself.

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