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"comedians" Who Aren't Funny!


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Can't remember if this has been done before but I'm bored.

1. Harry Hill

2. Lee Evans

3. Eddie Izzard

4. Lenny Henry

5. Steve Cougan

Not one of these has ever struck me as remotely amusing!

There are loads more who I don't find funny now, but used to laugh at.

Keep it to those you've never laughed at.

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In no particular order:

Peter Kay

Jimmy Carr

Lee Evans

Ricky Gervais

Sacha Baron Cohen


Ricky Gervais?? suprised to see his name in there! :unsure:

noticed a lot of folk have harry hill. Harry hill is just not funny whatsoever.

But, i have to say anytime i've seen him interviewed he's hilarious. He's nothing like his sketches and looks like the kind of guy that'd have you in stitches down the pub. ;)

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Whos Jimmy Carr?

Ill add sentiments of Joe Pasquale and Harry Hill. Not funny at all.

Not seen much old stuff but Bob Monkhouse is anything but funny.

Also add Ali G and the Kumars to it.

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