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The East Fife Thread

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I would pay £10  as £18 is not affordable to me 

The days of watching East Fife for a tenner are long gone, unless we continue our downward spiral into the Lowland League.

I do worry about the future of the club and how far we have gone backwards over the last couple of years. We have gone from having quality players like Jason Kerr, Scott Agnew and Anton Dowds to untested kids.

We have been massively let down by the people who make the important decisions. What are the future plans for the club? What are we doing to engage with the local community and to entice new and younger supporters?

Relying on the die hard supporters and squeezing every penny out of them will only go so far and then what?

The squad is very weak and we are very much in a battle to avoid bottom place. Cowden, East Stirling and Berwick have all gone and already look unlikely to return this season, the same could easily happen to us.
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It's pretty clear that there are too few people trying to do too many jobs at the club. Having no commercial manager is madness, and having a 6 week waiting list for a new strip is just ridiculous. It all reeks of last minute decisions and no forward planning, probably down to not having enough staff.

On to the playing side of things, we clearly need a couple of horrible b*stards in the team that are going to get stuck in and do the dirty work. We wont get out of this league by playing fancy football and being steamrollered every week. Bonnyrigg had at least 4/5 of them and it was no contest really.

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Guest AberhillEnd

One of Darren Youngs better signings and good bit of business for the club. Presumably we'll be looking for another keeper now.

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18 minutes ago, AberhillEnd said:

One of Darren Youngs better signings 

Christ, could he not have brought him to Stirling Albion then, he brought a squad of others haha. All joking aside, what a move for the lad and I hope it works out for him. From a national perspective then it can only be a good thing having one of our keepers involved in an academy like that.

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2 hours ago, King Kebab said:



What an exciting opportunity that is for him and I wish him all the very best. For us, I'm hoping we negotiated a significant fee and possibly a sell-on fee for him. Fingers crossed we can use the money to bring in some experienced players. 

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Do we not need a couple of real experienced players who have been round the block a few times rather than yet another youngster. Did we not learn anything from last weeks game when we got badly outmuscled and pushed off the ball.

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