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The East Fife Thread

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9 hours ago, DDLL said:

QoTS he had to cut the squad at EC he formed the squad that got promoted when at a meeting at EC he asked what his budget was for next season he was told he would not be there so he left

We need someone who can work with these youngsters 

Would be very surprised if Alan Johnston and Sandy Clark were not strongly linked with this gig

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20 hours ago, Jan Vojáček said:

I saw a lot of anger from EF over this. But it seemed to miss a fairly blatant point.

Playing part-time for EF and being assistant manager at full-time Raith Rovers are totally different. Aggy has a young family; so I can understand why he wouldn't want to be travelling from Ayrshire to Fife two nights a week. But doing it during the day just makes it like most other 'ordinary' jobs. And I imagine the pay at Stark's Park is a fair bit better too.

Anyway. Don't appoint him. I'd absolutely love to see him as our next gaffer :wub:

He is Part-Time at Raith!!!

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I think we should do interviews for the post of manager but my feeling is the board will give the job to Greig Mcdonald.We need a manager who can attract some good experienced players mixed with our younger players.A manager that’s not bothered about telling the board what he needs to succeed.The cheapest option is not always the best option.

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4 hours ago, Mon_The_Fife said:

I certainly wouldn’t be against Naysmith coming back if he was interested and he will have learnt from his experiences at QOTS and Edinburgh.

He’s certainly an upgrade on Crawford.

There's always Steve Archibald. (duck and cover)

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44 minutes ago, Rob1885 said:

Scott Agnew leaves the rovers, surely bayview bound.

That’s been the Rover fans speculation too, but any real word? “Mutual consent” suggests he’s got a plan, but he’s already missed a couple of games due to “other business”…does he have the time to manage EF?


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