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The East Fife Thread

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I might have to eat humble pie but I’d be surprised if the board went for Scott Agnew. I’m not sure that the board were happy with the way he parted ways . Think he would be popular with most fans has lots of lower league experience. Just have to wait and see .

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You could probably do alot worse than getting agnew. Could probably still do a job in l2 as a player and seems pretty well regarded by the players he's coached/ played with. Unproven as a manager obviously and there is the outside of football job which seems to be a big reason he left us, but if you can get it to work with him then I think he could do a good job for you.

Are there any names doing the rounds for who's in for the job?

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Between him and Naysmith I’m sure
What's the preference between the two? Naysmith would be the known option, albeit he hasn't done much elsewhere. I can only assume agnew was at your game at the weekend to show his interest. Bit shit of him considering we were playing at the time, unless he had actually left before it was anounced.
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At least three weeks until we find out who has the Managers job as the Chairman is away on holiday 

Today was worse than anything I have saw with Crawford, team was disjointed, McDonald’s substitutions didn’t change anything. Slattery who has been a good servant to the club is passed it, other senior players looked uninterested and Shepherd could still be at Bayview and even being there himself would not win a challenge 

I am getting worried and I guess others will be feeling the same 

The referee was a disgrace and an embarrassment to his profession 

Albion could have had 5 or 6 today 

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We can only hope that there is at least 1 worse team than us this season as we slowly head down the table. We knew that this season was going to be another slog, as signing a bunch of untested kids and hoping to unearth a gem is not the strategy to be successful.

The recruitment over the last 2 seasons has been terrible and we deserve to be where we are. The new manager has a massive job on their hands, otherwise it’s off to Lowland League we go and I highly doubt that we will return.

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