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  1. If Stranraer had a plastic pitch I recon they would have won that. The pitch killed their counter attacks
  2. To be completely fair yous are 4th. Only double the points (18) ahead of the team in the relegation spot.
  3. He did the same v East Fife in the play offs. Absolute weirdo behaviour
  4. He has 101k shares valued at current buying price of £4.50 per shares. That equals £454,500 cost price if he's asking for the full whack.
  5. The tiny wee boy you brought on wasn't too bad, the rest were woeful though
  6. Clubshop update Loads of new stock added to the shop so pop in to have a look / purchase some. Lots already on the website so take a look. http://www.eastfifeshop.com/
  7. Meeting bronze standard should be the very minimum an spfl team meets in my opinion. It doesn't seem to be particularly hard either. Have coaches with badges. Have a doctor. Have a legal expert. Have acceptable floodlights. Have a pitch within the agreed dimensions and slopes. Have a ground that seats 500+.
  8. Ah sorry I thought you meant annan. That's actually a class idea with the corporate ST included in it as makes it even more of a no brainer for these companies to buy a couple tickets and pass the ST round the staff
  9. I would love to know if your numbers are bang on and correct. 160 entrants paying £425 each sounds an awful lot for a quiet (ish) area of Scotland. £68,000 a season is an unbelievable amount of money into the club for jersey sponsorships and would put annan up with the bigger teams in terms of shirt sponsorship revenue.
  10. At East fife we have 3. Home is BW Technologies Away is Taxi Centre Third is Macon Resources. I'd say it probably gets your more as three companies be happy splitting each cost. Rather than getting one to lump on them all.
  11. AHH alrighty I took it that they were acting as selling agents and coming to the club with " BP are paying £300 for the front of shirt sponsorship" etc
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