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Just now, DeeTillEhDeh said:

We've gone to sleep the past 15-20 mins.

Having Sheridan is like playing with 10 men.

Anderson isn't much better.

Yip. There's nothing in midfield as usual for us. No graft, no skill, nobody taking the ball and picking a pass, and they're not even effective at closing and harassing when they don't have the ball. Everything is either banged at McGowan or cleared to the wing. It's grim.

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5 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

Anyone know what YSN stands for?


Y Seintiau Newydd- The New Saints in Welsh.

Dundee started really well but are hellish disjointed in the final third. Would be better playing with 10 men than with that bearded oaf Sheridan stealing a jersey.

Dundee should be winning this- The New Saints are a mid table Scots League One side at best. But for all their (slightly better) quality Dundee gave up too much of the ball in the second part of the first half.

All to play for.


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