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1 minute ago, Ludo*1 said:

Don't lie.

Aye they are.

Good point. Ok well so my hopes aren't raised any further. I'll try to only come back at the time of the window when we are traditionally very disappointed to see if the opposite is true for once.

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11 minutes ago, Ludo*1 said:

Owen Coyle on the radio confirming we told QP that we wanted to sign Murray and declared that we had offered him a contract.

Thank f**k for County.

Agreed. He’s not Premiership level for a struggling team. He’ll score a few goals, yes, but I’m pleased, because: a) he didn’t come to Dens and; b) a big rival lost their top scorer  👍😄


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Must admit, despite their success with it, I always kinda dreaded Motherwell-esque signings that no-one has ever heard of from down South. Absolutely loving it today now that I'm experiencing it.

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6 minutes ago, EpicMike said:

Thomas, Hannant, Williamson, Clampin, Maguire, Tolaj.

6 loan players by my count.


Did a bit more research:

'Teams will only be able to sign a maximum of eight players in cross-border loan deals each season, with another eight allowed to be loaned out.'

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