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  1. Should let a 13 year old rape him and see how he likes it.
  2. We'd need at an absolute minimum 7 new starters if we were to get promoted.
  3. Please tell me this was for winning the Challenge Cup. Please.
  4. Neither Dundee or Queens Park will win this weekend.
  5. Can’t really take much from this game as we probably could have put 11 on the pitch from pie and bovril. Get it right up Hamilton.
  6. Seems like the players along with the fans weren't having it. A nation full of cowards, indeed.
  7. Pie and Bovril is such a different place when Scotland beat some wee gimps. Love to see it.
  8. I am genuinely just a hole for every single one of those boys tonight.
  9. Post number 6 on this very thread. Yer man knows his stuff.
  10. Really is poetic that the diddiest team in the country won the diddiest cup.
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