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  1. Got to say fair play for lifting themselves from a 6-0 earlier this week and going 2 down in this one.
  2. Are they sneaking out? They look like they're sneaking out
  3. This is funny as f**k, Friday night Cinch is unmatched
  4. All that defending and he scores a sweaty effort like that
  5. No idea what that is, I nicked it off Popbitch about a decade ago
  6. How do you spot an extrovert accountant? He looks at your shoes when he's mumbling
  7. it's pink and shrivelled and looks very silly Ally Maxwell's willy
  8. they're pink and green and f'king obscene Christ I mind when we started that song
  9. Just look at how during lockdown they said they'd use coursework submissions and then decided with not a lot of notice to spring exams on people. From a selfish POV, my daughter has really bad clinical depression and anxiety and goes to bits in exams. She was on track to pick up B's at higher level, despite everything, then went to bits in the exams and ended up with nothing.
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