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Why bother pissin' off the fans to say something that everyone knows in their heart anyway? Everyone has their price.

Yes but also got to consider that Wighton and his family want him to develop at Dundee before any move so they may knock back any bids if they do come in
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That isnt how it works, but thanks for taking the time to tell us.

As has already been said, there is a way of banning accounts on the site that deletes all the posts. Only Div has access to try and restore them.

With all due respect, that is how it works 'normally' when deleting a user account. Deleting a user will not delete the said users post because that would most likely break the continuity of any topics that the user had posted in.

However, I never noticed someone saying that the mod had purposely deleted NNDs post as well as deleting his account. :)

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Greg Stewart has got better each game pretty much. Against Celtic he was played as a midfielder I thought but he coped really well. He's been a bit of good business for us I think. I'm more than happy to have him start games and I can see him being quite important for us as he develops with full time SPL matches.

Agree with this. He also had a great game vs Raith particularly in the first half holding the ball up really well.

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