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Christmas Juniors XI Select


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With Christmas not far away now, just a bit if fun to get in the spirit.

Can we name a Select XI (past or present) Junior players who's names relate to Christmas?

A few buzz words I thought for memory jogging are:

King, Gold, Shepherd, Star etc

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Gordon Herd (Ex Linlithgow)

Graham King (Sauchie)

Paul McKinlay aka SHEEP (ex Boness)

Graeme Shepherd (Irvine Meadow)

Jamie Hay (Kirkintilloch Rob Roy)

Ian Gold (Clydebank)

Scott Christ-ie, Linlithgow.

Gary Carroll, ex Sauchie.

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I do know Jesus wasn't born in Fife because they couldn't find 3 wise men or a virgin...

Newtongrange are the oldest Junior football club of course- because it says in the bible the wise men followed the Star

and they sing different words to a well known carol in Harthill

"snow had fallen snow on snow,

snow on snow on snow,

in the bleak MIDSUMMER,

in Harthill long ago.."

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