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People You Associate with Championship Clubs

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Taken from a thread from a few years back:


Which personality, footballer or otherwise, do you immediately associate with each of the Championship clubs?

Alloa - Paul Hartley. My main memory of Alloa is the successive promotions they attained under the direction of this former Hibee (I think he played for some other Edinburgh team too, but their name escapes me.)

Dumbarton - Ian Murray. An icon to many Hibs fans, but I now associate him strongly with Dumbarton. Felt a bit odd playing against his team last season, but I hear that he's now moved off to some other team so it shouldn't be a worry any more...

Falkirk - Yogi Hughes. Seemed like he was with the Bairns forever, and - all round - you could call his time there a success. Didn't manage a Scottish Cup win with them, mind you.

Morton - Derek Collins. Apologies to the Morton fans, but I don't know your club all that well. I do recall having heard, however, that this former Hibee played with you in all four professional leagues in Scotland.

Hibs - Keith Wright. Yup, more than the Famous Five, Turnbull's Tornadoes or wee Tom Farmer, this is the first face I think of when I think of the Hibees. A hero for me when I was growing up, especially when he handed me a signed football and shirt on my 7th birthday.

Livingston - Paul Lambert. I remember being quite interested in how his managerial career would go once he retired. It didn't look too good after his tenure with Livi...

Queen of the South - Derek Lyle. Having only paid much attention to QOS last season, the only person who comes to mind is Lyle and his array of cracking goals.

Raith Rovers - Turnbull Hutton. A hero to every right-thinking football fan in Scotland. 'Nuff said.

The Rangers - Fat Sally. Dismal manager for a dismal beginning to life for Scotland's newest club. Special mention to Jorg Albertz, who I would have chosen if the Old Rangers were still in existence. Terrifying member of the opposition to play against.

St Mirren - Christopher Brookmyre. A big fan of his writing. I think I've heard that he is a St Mirren fan, but not certain...

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Alloa - Graeme Brown

Dumbarton - Paddy Flannery

Falkirk - Eddie May

Morton - Jonathan Toto

Hibs - Keith Wright.

Livingston - Derek Lilley

Queen of the South - Jim Thompson

Raith Rovers - Colin Cameron

The Rangers - Brian Laudrup

St Mirren - Andy Millen

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Alloa- Terry Christie

Dumbarton- Colin Nish

Falkirk- Colin Samuel

Morton- Ally Maxwell

Hibs- Russell Latapy

Livingston- Jim Leishman

QOS- Gordon Chisholm

Raith- Guido Van De Kamp

Rangers- David Murray

St Mirren- Ricky Gillies

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Alloa - Brown Ferguson (Brown? WTF!?)

Dumbarton - Iain Murray

Falkirk - Kevin James

Hibs - Mixu Pantylining

Livingston - Stefan Scougall

Morton - Willy Wonka

Queens - 'Homer'

Raith Rovers - Jimmy Nichol

Rangers - Fat Salary

St Mirren - Jim Goodwin

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Alloa - Chopra

Dumbarton - Paddy Flannery

Falkirk - Alex Totten

Hibernian - Keith Wright

Livingston - David Fernandez

Morton - Derek McInnes

Queens - Stephen Dobbie

Raith - Dougie Hill or Tony Rougier

Rangers - Lee Elbows

St Mirren - Mark Yardley

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Alloa - Tom Hendrie
Falkirk - Alex Totten
Morton - Chris Templeman
Dumbarton - Jim Chapman
Hibs - Ulises Del a Cruz
Raith Rovers - Laurie Ellis
Rangers - John Brown
St Mirren - Gus McPherson
Livingston - Oscar Rubio
QOS - Barry John Corr

No real reason for these names, just played word association with each club and these came out. A few of them are good fits though.

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Alloa - Allan Maitland

Dumbarton - Paddy Flannery

Falkirk - RobBairn1876

Hibernian - #JC35 #SoMoney and other such hashtags

Livingston - Angelo Massone

Morton - Fouad Bachirou

QOS - Steve Tosh

Raith - Joe Cardle

Rangers - Charles Green

St Mirren - Stephen Thompson and his wonderful dress sense :wub:

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Alloa Terry Christie

Dumbarton Hugh Frazer

Falkirk Mo Johnston

Hibernian Jackie McNamara Snr

Livingston David Bingham

Morton Jim Duffy

Qos Jimmy Robertson

Raith Rovers Gordon Dalziel

Rangers John Greig

St Mirren Tony Ftzpatrick

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Alloa - Paul Hartley
Dumbarton - Ian Murray
Falkirk - James Vincent
Hibernian - Eoin Doyle
Livingston - Alan Main
Morton - Scott Bannerman
Queens - Stephen Dobbie
Raith - Stevie Crawford
Rangers - Jorg Albertz
St Mirren - Steven Thompson

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Alloa Brown Ferguson

Dumbarton Paddy Flannery

Falkirk Lee Miller

Hibernian Derek Riordan

Livingston David Fernandez

Morton Peter Weatherson

Qos Stephen Dobbie

Raith Rovers Marvin Andrews

Rangers Ally McCoist

St Mirren Gus McPherson

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