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The Youth Academy Challenge


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The Aim

To win your chosen countries' top division and win the Champions League with a previously unplayable club using only your academy as a way of acquiring new players.

The Available Countries

Any Country in Europe is eligible as long as you can get a previously unplayable side promoted from holidaying, for example Holland is no longer available as there is no longer any relegation from the 2nd tier.

The Reset Dates

France- 19th June

Germany - 19th June
Italy- 30th June
Portugal- 30th June

Spain - 9th July

Russia - 19th June

Turkey - 19th June

Belgium- 30th June

England - 24th June
Scotland- 20th June (Save 1st May for choice of teams by reloading)

The Database

  • Only load the Nation your planning on managing in.
  • Database size is optional (small, medium or large)
  • Players Based in your nation
  • Players from top clubs in europe (or everywhere)
  • International players is optional
  • If you're managing in England, you can also add 'players from regional premier divisions'

No further customising of the database is allowed.

Attribute masking should be enabled. 'Add key staff' and 'Add players to playable clubs' should be ticked

Steps when getting started

  1. Add yourself as an unemployed manager. Call him holiday man if you want.
  2. Go on holiday until the reset date of your nation or the day before if your planning on reloading.
  3. Retire the manager
  4. Add a new manager with your chosen nationality and the lowest possible reputation and qualifications
  5. Choose the newly promoted club of your choice

Rules for the Challenge

No loans or transfers in are allowed but you can sell and loan players out.
If you are sacked, sorry, you have to start again.
No save game editors are allowed. only cosmetic database edits are allowed. (team/competition names/logos)
No international management until completion of challenge.
Signing backroom staff is allowed. Signing players on trial or signing/using grey players isn't allowed.

Rules for this Thread

Player naming is allowed if you wish to highlight youngsters coming through.

General discussion on tactics is allowed, although people should not refer to downloaded tactics. They are not banned, but I would expect the majority of people to avoid them.

Screenshots for anything are encouraged.

Progress of your club should be documented using this thread, I want to hear the story of your club all the way through. Please keep us updated, even if you are doing really badly.

Season Update

Youth Candidates
All Tagged Players Attribute page
Transfers (to prove that you havent signed any players)
League Table

Anything else is optional.


Scotland will be one of the hardest countries in this challenge, the facilities will hinder you, the finances will hinder you, and the fact you cant use greyed out players will hinder you as the squad generally come out small. It is a challenge though, after all. Theres not an official points system in place, but if people want we could put one in, in respect of titles win, promotions, and possibly even youngsters coming through get International caps/massive transfers/ awards etc..

I hope some people are willing to tackle this too, as it would be nice if someone from here done this, and I'll likely fail it.

Link to original idea and thread - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/400466-ri916-s-FM15-Youth-Academy-Challenge?s=43c9b7de681df0bc6de34dc9ea6bd060

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Challenge accepted.


Decent-ish squad, Ryan Curries refusing to sign a contract so remains free to move, he doesn't believe we can match his ambitions which is fair enough. Assume we'll have to go 4-5-1 this season, and pray we don't get too many injuries, as this is me until the youth intake. Avoiding relegation is everything.

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Gave this a start, 5 games into the season i have 10 fit players. That's that then, was fun while it lasted :lol:

You can use greyed out players in that situation, or else it becomes impossible. They guy who originally made the challenge up admitted as much himself.

So aye, using greyed out players is allowed, but only when you have no other option. Should only be a problem in the first season.

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My first batch of youngster. Will sign most just for the depth tbh. Some standout more than others. I'm virtually safe from bottom so might just chuck them straight in and see how they develop.

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This one big thread for it or just yours?

Was meant to be just one big thread for anyone who wanted to post on it, but nobody else seems to be doing it :lol:

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I'm holidaying rn ^_^

YAY! Only holiday until the 1st of May though, the save it and sim forward from there, just incase the League Two side win the Play-Off and you've nobody to go, happened to me the first time.

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Squad looks no bad

Allan Park. Home of Cove Rangers. Weird looking plexiglass.... press room? What the f**k is that?

And as always i have made a mistake which has caused an issue. I didn't start until 27th June

And two signings were made

I have released both players which should be fitting with the rules of the game.

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I would've let that go since you technically didn't make the signings tbh, suppose rules are rules though.

Currently halfway through season two and its a bit of a slog getting beat every second game trying to develop the youth, a few back up players refusing to sign new deals means I'll have to rely on the youth next season more than I am now, which is worrying.

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Just started this for Scotland. Am I holidaying to May 1st yes?

Yeah. May 1st. Save it then holiday to June 20th. If the Leage Two team wins the play off then just reload the May save and try again until you get a team to start with.

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Just heading back to fire this up for the night now. Off to an ok start with a few wins and no real horsings (except 10-2 to Crystal Palace). Out all the cups so I can focus on the real task. Mid table but only October.

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Got my batch of youths which should help beef up the squad a bit.


No real gems in there but that is to be expected anyway, will use them and see if i can get any progression out of one or two.

Into the big challenge now with only a few games left.



The next match could make or break the season , there is still an outside chance of making the playoffs here as making up 9 points is not out of the question.

Head to head gives nothing away.


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