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Hand golf is better (when all the golfers are finished) . On average I can get the ball from a 'Par 3' tee into the hole in around 6 throws. Best played drunk as it's less tragic that way.

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Anybody played this?

I see a course has just opened up Palacerigg and already one in Milngavie.

Def planning on checking it out shortly, could be a great laugh.

Hopefully going in a couple of weeks time with work mates. There's a course in Doncaster which has 18 holes and I think it's a decent price too and I've heard that it's a laugh so I'm looking forward to it.

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The winner of our group of 22 scored 63. The best course score has been 61 which was equalled on the day we were there by some weegie fella. One of our group (he's about 64) got a hole in one! :lol:

It's harder than it looks yeah, but if you play clever you'll manage late 60's easily. If you do what a few done and try to reach par 4 pins from the tee, you'll end up scoring high.

What was par? 70? What did you score?

Where you punting off the tee? dont think thats allowed in the rules. The way i punt a ball it wouldnt be of benefit to me anyway. Off the deck toe poke to start for me :)

Really looking forward to getting a game, I enjoy golf but my main issue is the amount of time i totally f*ck my shot and it goes about 3 hards or slices miles off the fairway really gets to me. kicking a ball should ensure this no longer happens.

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My leg was hanging by a string after a few holes of this. My mates new world cup ball went off the course and down a steep ravine so he went to get it and came up with three other balls but not his own.

Last i heard the place had closed down.

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