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Stenny vs Airdrie

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We were 1-0 down and Forfar were breaking out of their own half. Sumsky couldn't keep up with the boy so clipped his heels - a professional foul.

While it probably wasn't necessary, let's not get our knickers in a twist over nothing.

I'd disagree that it was professional foul. More petulant or wreckless other than dangerous - definitely a yellow card.

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Does anyone think Bollan didn't pick that team on Saturday and he's getting interference?

Maybe I'm entering the denial phase, just can't believe he or Balmer would make those choices.

I was thinking that perhaps the chairman wants him out so that he can bring in his own man. Bollan knows this but won't walk away. Instead he is trying to get sacked so that he will receive a pay-off.

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Even after a few days I still can't put my finger on why Bollan went with that starting 11, there was clearly nothing wrong with Prunty or Morton, so why drop them?

We were very poor over the piece in any case. While we picked up the pace a bit after half time, I still didn't feel we were as much of a threat as we were against Forfar the week before. That being said, Stenny weren't up to much either and I don't think a draw would have been unfair on the balance of play.

I've seen Taylor Morgan 4 times now and I just don't think he'll come good. While he has the odd moment of skill, it never goes anywhere, and on the majority of occasions, his first touch is chronic. Both Stenny's goals on Saturday started with Morgan losing possession in the final third, we can't afford those kinds of mistakes.

Sumsky has done nothing to impress me either, his dead ball delivery on Saturday was decent but that apart, he was poor again. Two daft bookings in the last two weeks and nothing to suggest he should start ahead of anyone else.

Other than Morgan & Sumsky, I like the look of our squad. It's still short 2 or 3 players, but it looks okay. We badly need a striker and a creative midfielder but if we got those, I think we'd look pretty solid.

I can't fathom why we signed McAleer but don't want to play him. We have no creativity in the middle, we already had Fitzpatrick and Gilfillan there and then added a similar player in McBride. You'd then think logic would dictate you'd play your best creative players out wide, yet Morton & McAleer haven't started together yet.

I'm still on the don't panic bandwagon at the moment, but the manager needs to get his best 11 sussed and on that park - pronto!

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Just watched the highlights from this on the Stenny website - really bad goalkeeping from Neil Parry for the winner. He leaves far too much space for Eddington to shoot into. While he narrows one angle, he leaves the other wide open. Help yourself!

Agreed, couldn't have made it any easier to score.

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