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Fall songs


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5. C' n C' Stop Mithering - "five wacky English proletariat idiots!"

4. Insult Song - "They could not help it. They were retards from the Los Angeles district"

3. Slang King - "Three little girls with only 50p. Had to take the Curly Wurly back".

2. Bug Day - "Midges. Midges hovered on the heather. Three moths shivered."

1. Hip Priest - "Drink the long draft Dan! FOR THE HIP PRIEST!"

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That mention of Blindness there gives me an excuse, if an excuse be needed, to watch this again...

What a magnificent, pulverising racket.

After that whole Ned's Atomic Dustbin unpleasantness, the people understandably felt that no group should ever use two bass players again. They were wrong.

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Just occurred to me that although I've listened to them a lot over the years I can't think of a top 5. The Cassical springs to mind along with Free Range for nostalgic reasons. Mate of mine must've been to see them over a dozen times now.

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