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On 10/04/2017 at 10:21, SweeperDee said:

I reckon it's some real poster playing funny buggers.


23 hours ago, NewBornBairn said:

What is achieved by this? Is it just some kid getting a hard-on at being an arsehole or does this serve some purpose?

The exact same spambot turns up right now over at two other sites' forums: Clash of Clans & Prestashop. Registration & post times appear to be the same. Would reckon they all were using the same disposal email address so once they get added to the software many forums use for blocking auto-signing spambots they will have hit the maximum number of sites.

What is achieved by this? If you spam millions upon millions of websites, statistically you will get a few thousand sales on the back of the enquiries generated, or ad revenue from those who click on the link, etc - & it costs nothing but time to do. They do it because, unfortunately, it works.


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