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The Celtic All Seasons thread

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2 minutes ago, Drew Brees said:

I salute the men and woman who volunteered to fight the British invaders in the Irish War of Independence. 

what about the lads who blew up all those innocent civilians?

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48 minutes ago, Merkland Red said:

From the guy who's had at least two accounts emptied during the past year.

Lmao, well this is blatantly untrue, who was banned that you think was myself? 

39 minutes ago, Merkland Red said:


FWIW, no I didn't have posts removed for sectarian content.

Might have been a different Aberdeen fan in fairness, whoever was posting the tweet about Ryan Jack playing away. 

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4 minutes ago, Henrik's tongue said:

Your grammar is fucking appalling. Give yourself a shake, mate.

Correcting peoples grammar, proper Tory behaviour. Do you have a seat on the Celtic board?

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