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Glasgow Housing


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Wasn't that lucky that Jane just happened to be filming....

Not really. The majority of people if they hear a bit of drama going on will get their phone out. I’d guess there was a bit of shouting etc prior to this.
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1 hour ago, bennett said:

You don't think it was lucky?

Surely you're not siding with those hooligans....


Am just wondering about your jump of reason here.

Surely someone making the case that  a person heard some shouting from their window and filmed the resulting barney does not imply that they sympathise with violence. Or am I wrong?

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3 hours ago, The OP said:

I’m not sure why I initiated a dialogue with you because you’re a fucking oddball.

You don't seem happy that Jane filmed it, luckily her habit of filming day to day Glasgow life has meant that some thugs will be getting a visit from the polis. I hope that she never filmed any of your relatives...

...and Glasgow housing.... Will obviously be sacking an employee or two..


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