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The Life in the UK Test

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I didn’t know whether this belong in the General Politics forum (for people interested in Immigration policy) or General Nonsense (for people who like pub quizzes


I was recently helping my brother in law practice for the test you need to pass if you want to apply for UK citizenship or permanent residence


He was doing well in the practice tests and went it to pass the real thing but when I ran a sample test past some native Scottish friends in the pub they failed by one point.


I was wondering how P&B contributors might fare on a sample test


I was averaging 22/24 on the paper practice test although I got 20 on this online one




You need 18 to persuade the home office your capable of fitting in with UK culture

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21/24 with a fair few guesses.

I can only assume applicants get some youtube videos or a pamphlet to revise before taking this test?  Or do they attend prep courses?  Some of the questions seem ludicrously irrelevant.  

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21 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

What a load of shite. You have to know how old Big Ben is and how long the Romans supposedly stayed in Britain to be able to live in the UK?

I got 19. Quite a few guessee

I got both of those wrong, ended up with 19 too. But as has been said, very anglocentric. If I'm coming to live in Scotland why would I need to know the limit for a small claims court in England and Wales? And as for what time the pubs open...

Oh, I forgot - "What is Lent?" Is that designed to weed out the non-Christians? 

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