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  1. We could go into business as a pawnbroker's sign
  2. Second chemo session yesterday - went well; no apparent side-effects yet though maybe too early to be sure about the hair loss. No session next week then it starts again the Wednesday after.
  3. Most alarming thing about that is that he didn't throw away the ice cream afterwards.
  4. Wordle 1,065 X/6* Daft mistake at step 4 didn't help
  5. Explains the expression on his face, I suppose
  6. Wikipedia had him as dead but have now reverted it.
  7. Thanks for all the green dots and good-luck messages for my post about yesterday's chemotherapy. It went well - feeling fine today with no side-effects. I'm back there next Wednesday; then I get a week off, then another pair of Wednesday sessions, and so on until the beginning of September. Twelve sessions in all.
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