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  1. If EK can attract players from the Championship I’m sure (with enough £££s) it could be done. Plus for us it wouldn’t be hard to beat the calibre of player we’ve had for most of the season.
  2. If anyone wants to plunder our players good luck to them.
  3. Next week is the key one for me. If we can win at home to east fife whilst Stranraer face a long away trip to Forfar that will put us in the driving seat ahead of the last day (assuming Stranraer don’t also win).
  4. Damage limitation from our point of view keeping Stranraer in reach, thanks for not losing!
  5. In an afternoon of below par performances his was absolutely stinking. No idea how he lasted the 90mins but was almost the match winner missing that point blank chance at the end. We are getting nothing out of Martin Rennie playing wide right, he needs to be a strike partner for Allan but McCall didn’t deviate from the formation at all to make that happen. Lost count of how many times our players got in each others way, in particular the midfield 3 of Grant, Ballantyne and Cuddihy. Felt as if Stenny were ok but could have been there for the taking, we didn’t do enough to make that happen though. Not a complete disaster thanks mainly to Dumbarton not losing but heaps the pressure onto next week where a win really is a must.
  6. Stenny’s last 3 games being us, Bonnyrigg and stranraer is going to have a massive say in things. Clyde (31 pts): Stenny (H), East Fife (H), Elgin (A) Stranraer (32 pts): Dumbarton (H), Forfar (A), Stenny (H) Bonnyrigg (35 pts): Spartans (H), Stenny (A), Forfar (H) Really think we need 6 points from the 2 home games and probably at least a point at Elgin last day. Stranraer could easily take 7 points from their games which would mean we need all 9 to overhaul them. Would be devastating to have closed such a gap only to fall short at the final hurdle but it’s going to be really tight. One other factor is Forfar (36 pts) they play East Fife at home tomorrow. If Forfar lose that with Stranraer and Bonnyrigg still to play they could be dragged in. Realistically though can’t see us catching them.
  7. A win tomorrow is an absolute must, in fact if results don’t go our way then beating the runaway leaders might only be good enough to maintain the current deficit . Hoping that Dumbarton can do us a favour but I’ve already got that down as +3 for Stranraer.
  8. Anyone know why there was no sign of Alex King yesterday? Injury I assume but no mention in the match preview. Not that I’m his biggest fan but the conditions yesterday may have suited him as he’s not afraid to shoot.
  9. I’d love to hear McCalls explanation for leaving Robbie Leitch on the bench all game and bringing that diddy Cameron on at half time! Absolutely mental. Thought Kabia was one of our better players first half too and had a bit of quality at times so no idea why he was hooked either.
  10. If you were actually at the game you would know we battered them and 1-0 flattered them if anything. You’re a poor man’s Jimmy choo (or his latest burner account) and Billy Reid is a bellend.
  11. Todays game was a total lottery because of the wind, yes the other results weren’t ideal but after 1 small set back all the fannies come crawling out of the woodwork again. We’ve gone from 11 points behind to having a fighting chance of staying up. Give us peace FFS and get behind the team in the next two home games.
  12. Unlucky with Grant hitting the post and Allan’s goal looking onside. Dreadful conditions throughout made the game a total lottery. Real battle remaining over the last 3 games with both rivals getting points today. Would be a real blow to have reeled them in only to let them off the hook at the last.
  13. I see the broomhill game was off last weekend, what chance the pitch is playable? Could we switch it to dens park to improve the odds?
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