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Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations


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any predictions for the 2nd divisions

I can't see any team break past broomlands and Dalry for the top two spots.


Half the division will still fancy their chances at promotion, some decent teams in that league, i think largs could push for one.of the spots. I really hope onthank can get a run going soon.

Very early days but my prediction is Dalry and whitletts as league winners and broomlands and largs in a play-off.
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Was this the game that the opponents refused to play because they never got 24 hours notice on change of kick-off time and venue?

That’s what I heard mate but as stated above by Gary that’s not the case it’s something to do with a broken floodlight
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Why can't u just say without dropping breadcrumbs to follow?

Reading between the lines ad say that once stewarton found out about the broken floodlight and the centre being closed ( which btw don’t see why they’d need to stop using the park during the day for this) they contacted there opponents and told them about the change of venue and kick-off time because it was inside the 24 hour window, they refused to play and the game was postponed.
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