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St Johnstone vs. Dees, Saturday 25th August.

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Decent time to be playing at The John Deere stadium as we need three points. 

Both teams struggling near the bottom after two games. 

However, all the eyes will be on the Fat Tommy vs. Lord McCann title fight.

Who will have bragging rights?

Will the Doctor tell Tommy to calm down due to his high blood pressure?

Will the Dees score?

Will we have a new striker?

Will it be a dull 1-1 or 0-0 draw?

Will Moussa score from open play again?

Bring it on!




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A feeling both sides will have the player they want (us CM, them striker) by the time this comes around. 

Massive game for both already though. 

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21 minutes ago, ali_91 said:

Bit of a Steve Brown type post Tam, it’s not all about the size of crowds and our bank balance. 

I was looking at it in a business perspective Ali, the DABs always brought a decent crowd. 

The Dees will probably bring half of that but a lot less screaming bairns, tough one to judge money wise.

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1 hour ago, tree house tam said:

Wish we were playing Dundees big team instead of this rabble.

I certainly prefer the Dee's to their neighbours!

Based on no facts whatsoever always felt that Dundee was more the team supported by proper Dundee locals and United by the snooty  folk from places like St. Andrews!

Always enjoyed going to the pub pre-match and meeting decent Dee's fans too!


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1 minute ago, Dee Man said:

A positive start by Girth to the thread has rapidly descended into brutal Perth patter.

Will check back in if we sign a striker or if my fellow Dees can rescue this clusterfuck. 

^^^Not capable of rescuing it himself.

Same old Dee Man, run away shitebag.

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1 hour ago, ali_91 said:

St Johnstone in the last 45 years - A Scottish Cup.

Dundee in the last 45 years - f**k all.

The stats don’t make good reading for our Tayside brothers unfortunately. Home win.

Why stop at 45 years? Did something happen before then that you don't want to draw attention to?

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