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This time with Alan Partridge

Billy Rubin

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This would be very discrete and involves reading between the lines, but has Alan got the ultimate one over Ruth Duggan by simply cutting her out? 

She appeared live in every episode before this final one and is it just coincidence that the one she's absent from is the one Alan has full control over? 

I can just imagine her standing outside in some remote location waiting for her time on This Time having investigated a story, only to be completely ignored by the guy who's wanting to get one over her at any opportunity now. 

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12 hours ago, Miguel Sanchez said:

His NO when Simon went to stand up with him was the best bit.

Great when he condescendingly tells Simon to look at camera "foooouuuurrrrr", only for the camera to suddenly change, leaving Alan making an arse of it too. 

Also noticed the discrete bit when his 'double' outside the police station walks away early and Alan's very quietly heard giving him a slagging in the background before they've stopped recording. 

Especially loved the bit just before that where he's evidently actually pissing into the beaker for the camera, because they couldn't possibly have poured some (or something like apple juice) from another vessel in a more controlled manner so that it didn't splash all over the place. :lol:

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I think it's the best Partridge has been, there were a lot of moments in KMKYWAP that were a bit awkward and season 2 of the main series felt flat at times but this series had more than enough stand-out moments and a great chemistry between Jenny and Allan.

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Anyone know why they haven’t kept this on Iplayer? I’ve been telling people to watch this and it’s not there. I assume they are planning to release it on Netflix or amazon? 

I think the dvd is out, not sure about amazon etc but I’m guessing it has something to do with that.
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