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Dissertation survey - if you have 2 mins to spare please help me out!

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Hi everyone,

Currently writing my dissertation on finances in Scottish football and have created a survey to gauge what fans think the current state of finances in the Scottish game, would only take a few mins to fill out and every response would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

If you guys are active on r/ScottishFootball on reddit you will have seen this yesterday, posting this for everyone else as long as that is ok here, had a great response on reddit and hopefully will get similar here!


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Those questions in full...

Current state of Scottish football

  • 1. Do you feel Scottish football sides are financially competitive with each other?
  • 2. Do you feel Scottish football sides are able to compete financially in order to sign international players?
  • 3. Do you believe Scottish football teams receive enough from sponsorship deals?
  • 4. Do you believe the new £26m per season Sky TV deal is the correct valuation of live Scottish football?
  • 5. Are you satisfied with the cost of going to watch football matches in Scotland?
  • 6. If ticket prices were lower, do you think more people would attend Scottish football matches?
  • 7. Do you think Financial Fair Play is good for Scottish football teams?
  • 8. Do you believe enough money is invested in grassroots football in Scotland?
  • 9. Do you feel more investment would raise the standard of Scottish football?
  • 10. What do you think Scottish football teams could do in order to increase their finances?
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Haven't took the survey but this particular one has been posted on here before.

Filling in your details provides the survey handler (survey monkey) details on you. You don't even have to give them your name. How you answered their questions is all they need which they then sell as market research.

Don't want to be that guy just saying these surveys are sold folks.

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