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The Dunfermline Relegation Express

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Here we see Michael meeting a man who decided some time ago not to shave until Dunfermline won another game. 


And here he is down The Glen playing on the train


And here we see him discussing whether it's best to get off at Dunfermline Town or Dunfermline Queen Margaret (possible euph).


Anyway, we're looking a bit fucked and the siren of the seaside league is gently beckoning us on to her jagged rocks. And I like pictures of Michael in his smart blazers so this is a good excuse to see some. 



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I've got my ticket and I'm giddy with excitement. Unlike ScotRail, there will be no delays, no cancellations and no refunds. We're heading straight for League One, with no meaningless stops at Croy or Bishopbriggs.

The visionary Ross McArthur enjoyed winning League One so much, he wants us to do it all over again, babay! The Mighty, Mighty Dunfermline Athletic Football Club ™ are always one step ahead of the game and just when you think you have the answers, we change the fucking questions.

Relegation looked impossible just a few weeks ago but that hasn't stopped Crawford and Co trying their best to steer our sad collection of jobbers and neverweres to the promised land.

Edinburgh City, I hear you calling...

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