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  1. Probably Bruce Forsyth! Always suspected that deid b*****d to have something shifty about him!
  2. Elizabethan, 10 mins walk from the stadium. Unless you go into town then there are plenty of decent boozers - East Port, Commercial Inn, The Old Inn. Others to choose from too
  3. 2 of the 3 shall be in attendance. 1 of the 2 is driving [emoji1787]
  4. @DA Baracus has secured a mode of transport to this game. I assume he will be shouting horrible things, questioning the parentage of your support, and the suchlike!
  5. Who was the poster on here who used to stalk/follow around Colin Nish? Bizarre behaviour
  6. "Piper, did you steal a meatball from the plate on the worktop?" I'll let PnB decide the answer to that question. Arsehole!
  7. "At or around this time, Spud, Sick Boy and I made a healthy, informed, democratic decision to get back on heroin as soon as possible. It took about 12 hours"
  8. TBF Jimmy from Perth did appear on our sofa!!
  9. Having had a PnB sabbatical for a good few months, I'd thought I would return with an updated picture of Piper. 8 months old, daft as a brush but the most loving pup! Currently on her first season so hormones are all over the place!
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