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Bloo Toon v Resurgent QP

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7 minutes ago, Hampden Diehard said:

McLean was superb; what a find at full back. Gibby continues to confound the laws of physics by outjumping much taller players and Roberts showed the occasional touch of brilliance.

We deserved a draw.

Said during the game would be more than happy to see the No3 at Balmoor next season, looks to be more than just a fullback.


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6 hours ago, The man with no name said:

Another inconsistent referee. They commit 20 fouls and have 2 booked (one for McAllister's usual swan lake performance) and we get 2 booked having committed 6 fouls. They committed deliberate fouls on at least 3 occasions that stopped us breaking away and no action was taken.

Agreed. The referee was a homer. Willis committed 2 bad fouls in the short time he was on the park and escaped a booking when he could have been booked twice and sent off. He had a wild kick at an opponent and a deliberate tug to stop a Queens player getting away from him. So far he has done nothing to show he is worthy of a starting place in the team. Hopefully he can only get better or he will be added to the list of poor signings. Queens Park probably deseved a draw and if they keep playing like this they will surely beat most teams in this league.

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21 hours ago, Cowden Cowboy said:

But not every team goes down that road - and there's plenty of room for different approaches to playing the game as Queens have found out in the last 150 years.

That's certainly true. I've seen us play many different styles of football over the years. For example, our team that won the 3rd division championship in 99/2000 was far more direct than the team that won the play offs in 06/07. We scored lots of goals from set pieces, although we did also play with wingers. We certainly weren't a team that tried to pass the ball around in our own half. So its a bit of a myth to suggest that we've always played a "passing game"

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18 hours ago, Bring Your Own Socks said:

Highlights for those that couldn't make it...


So I didn't imagine their winner going through Hart's legs...decent strike but he obviously saw it late. He had a couple of good saves to stop them scoring more to be fair 

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