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  1. Yes it is professional sport not some sort of recreational pastime
  2. It was worth it if that means we aren’t allied to punters like you who simply misrepresent the view of CFC in a few glib words. Or who use the ‘power’ of the red dot as some sort of shock and awe response rather than having any real grasp of the range of issues involved.
  3. No backroom dealings - just a normal discussion. Feedback was crystal clear.
  4. No point arguing with folks like you obviously with your Trumpian sense of reality
  5. The Conference League wasn’t the last time - try and keep up
  6. Have seen the straight answer published on here - but I guess you are looking for simplistic and slavish support of your viewpoint rather than a reasoned explanation as already communicated
  7. What prompts this summer resurgence? Cowden didn’t struggle to explain - they explained in quite a bit of detail. Much more detail than any other club as far as I can see. Squirming hasn’t been required just a balanced and thoughtful approach.
  8. He played against East Kilbride last week
  9. We aren’t struggling near the bottom - we are mid table 28 points off the bottom
  10. Yes stands of 500 or more capacity need a safety certificate to meet fire safety requirements
  11. No they couldn’t as that would exceed the capacity which is deliberately set at 499 rather than 500.
  12. Of course when down to 10 men then there is naturally more scope for opposition in box (without taking into account many fans also want teams to have 2 defenders on the posts plus other players as outlets at half way!)
  13. Yes and one merged Fife team in the SPFL and Dundee and Dundee United merged plus a Lanarkshire United in the SPFL. That’s your basic argument
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