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Player(s) Of The Year At Your Club

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With 3 games left in the season, it’s time to start dishing out the awards. Who gets your vote at your club?

Player of the Year: For me it has to be Callum Ferrie, he’s been consistent throughout the season, pulling off some big saves most weeks, and I don’t think we’d be 5th without him.

Young Player of the Year: I’m sure many of our support will give him the POTY vote, but either way, I think Danny Jardine will have a big future in the game and we’re lucky to have him for another season after another good one at the club.

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Plenty of contenders this year for me, but I’d pick Scott Rumsby. I was critical after his first few games but since then he’s been excellent, plenty of clean sheets as well. 

McNiff and Cuddihy well worthy of it as well. 

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Cuddihy for me , although was Mcniff before he got injured .

Langs made a difference, Rumbsby very consistent and Grant, Rankin and Mcstay when all played in central pivotal in our form last two thirds of season . Can’t take away from Goody’s contribution either. 

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For influence on the team either Rankin or DGW

Rumbsy has been solid but not player of the year material

for consistency of performance hard to look ahead of Barry Cuddhy

It's player of the year likes of Rumbsy been good since Christmas the entire season?

Grant again been consistent but getting plonked at left back for a large chunk hasn't helped

Guy you can't fail to consider either is mcniff not one of my favourites but over season goals alone would have him up there

don't think there is an outstanding candidate and that in goes to show it's a superb team effort this year





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I couldn’t even pick one for the vote today. We have had some phenomenal performances from across the pitch.

If I had to pick a handful: McStay, Lang, Rumsby, Cuddihy, Grant, Lamont

Don’t think I could whittle it down any further.

Would also like to mention that I reckon Syvertsen will be POTY in years to come

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