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When will Ayr vs. ICT QF dates be announced?

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3 minutes ago, bdu98196 said:

No KO times for the fist games, can only assume as they arent BT Sport it'll be BBC Scotland/Alba so a crazy 7.05 midweek and probably 5pm on the Saturday?

They are not on TV. 

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twelve quid is dece. Still expecting a fucking doing.
It's always good to expect the worst in life, but I've got a sneaky wee feeling about us. Being underdogs absolutely suits us, and shankland with that goal yesterday could see this as a big stage to shine.

I'm gutted to be missing the home tie (just can't get through and back for work). But I'm heading up north next weekend, and cannie fucking wait.

Will ayrumedia have the Tuesday game? Would anyone recommend it?
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On a personal note, pretty happy we finished 4th as can now make both legs and I get to watch Ajax v Spurs on the telly Wednesday.

Pissed off big time though that, in the unlikely event we squeeze though I going to miss both the SF ties due to work, now they have moved the second leg to the Friday.  :thumbsdown

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