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Rangers' Wee Spot in Europe - Season 2023/24

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9 hours ago, The_Kincardine said:

Apparently, we'll be seeded for the first two qualifying rounds this year.

Doubt we'll better last season's run, though.

Boris is just a young version of Trump, got a feeling this tread won't last long eggs in one basket come to mind.

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Group 4
Rangers (SCO)
Brøndby (DEN)
Cork (IRL)
Molde (NOR)
Crusaders (NIR)
Progrès Niederkorn (LUX)/Cardiff Metropolitan University (WAL)
B36 (FRO)
Inter Turku (FIN)
Prishtina (KOS)/St Joseph's (GIB)


Progres rematch on? Nearly had one last year too.

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25 minutes ago, DAVIDB69 said:

Where on earth would rangers play Cardiff university bet South Wales police are excited at the thought of that

Cardiff City Stadium probably. I'd love for it to happen but Progres will win that tie by at least 5 clear goals.

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Prishtina 1 St.Joseph's 1 in the first leg😨

I have a mate who's already booked for Yugoslavia😂

I think he's going with some London RSC lads. He knows a couple of them who ended up in Cyprus for three days on the lash after they assumed Progres Niederkorn was a gimme. Can't imagine Kosovo's in the Cyprus class for a Jolly Boys' Outing🙄     


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Very good! The taxi that takes them to the ground will likely be a 70s or 80s model in Kosovo right enough. My money's on a Datsun. Do they have Trabants in Kosovo?  

You know exactly what I mean. I can't mind where they've booked to stay in what was Yugoslavia, but it certainly isn't Kosovo they'll be staying in for three days. Most Kosovans don't want to stay in Kosovo for three days. Not when they can spend three days in the more pleasant environment of a camp by the fence on the Croatia / Hungary border. 

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Guest Moomintroll
From this tie I’m really looking for some obese, ruddy faced Rangers fans to get an absolute tanking from the Kosovan police.
They will be Chelsea fans m9.
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