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Tom Cruise vs Justin Bieber

Who'd win in a fight?  

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1 minute ago, statts1976uk said:

There is a game going round online where you see which celebrity you can challenge that is 31 years older than you. I got Magnum PI himself so I think I’ll just not bother issuing such a challenge!


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8 minutes ago, statts1976uk said:

You just google celebrities born 31 years before your year of birth, nothing more complicated. I also found out Henry Winkler was born in the same year and there is no way I could beat up the Fonz!

Most of mine are dead but I would have avoided James Garner for sure. Think I could have taken Batman (Adam West "POW!" "SMASH!). Noam Chomsky better put his glasses away and get ready for a battering.

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I get to beat the s*** out of James Bond.

So Pierce Brosnan, if you're reading this, I'd get practising shouting out S.O.S again. You're dog meat, pal.


Eta:   I also got Hulk Hogan.  A cheesy Bond seemed the better choice.

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