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Cumbernauld United Manager Announcement


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It is with regret that Andy Frame has decided to step down as our manager.

Following discussions with Andy we firmly believe there is little chance of the season being completed and it is effectively over. We agreed that this would be an ideal time to bring in a fresh face as the Club enters an exciting new era. Andy has enjoyed a successful 3 years and leaves the club in very good shape. We wish him all the best for the future and look forward to seeing him at Guys Meadow in the near future cheering on the 'Nauld.


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On 07/04/2020 at 17:23, Andy Frame said:

Just following on from the clubs statement I'd just like to say thanks to a few people. First of all George, the chairman of the club. As everybody knows he is Mr Cumbernauld United and has been at the club for many years. Its been a pleasure working for him and he is what junior football is all about. Our aim together was to get Cumbernauld in to the top league and I think we were on track to do that this year after narrowly missing our last year. I hope he has many more successful years ahead at Cumbernauld as he thoroughly deserves them for everything he puts in. Secondly the committee, Kirky, Nessy, Robbie and Eric. More proper junior guys who I now have a friendship with and will enjoy having a beer with at the games instead of them shouting at me. Kieran and Wilson, my coaches who have been absolutely superb and so supportive of where we we taking the club and the way we wanted to play. Also, Billy and Jp previously who were also huge in where the club is now. Next, everyone else who I've met through junior football, the other managers, committees and fans. It really is a special grade with some special people and without doubt a family. I've made some special friends and also fallen out with some people but I hope i leave in the best spirit. Lastly, the players. We have built up a wonderful bunch of boys at Cumbernauld who are not only talented but great boys. I thank them for their efforts and support and cannot wish them more for the future. The club is in great hands with the players they have. 


With the reconstruction of the leagues I had a chat with George last week and let him know my circumstances with the effect of whats happened in the past few weeks going forward I wouldn't be able to commit as much as I needed to as manager. After a few days of thought on his advice we both agreed that bringing somebody new in would be the right way forward for the club in the new set up. I think it will be great not just for the club but for the junior grade as a whole with so many ambitious clubs, managers and players. The last few weeks the country has faced will have a massive effect on most people and I have been no different. I hope when this is all over, the clubs will go from strength to strength and thrive in the new setup and I will hopefully see a few of you at some games in the coming years.


All the best,



Dignity personified well done Mr Frame and good luck 

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He was 1 of the old managers coaches he came in last season 2 replace billy mcdonald. Mcanespie left us because he got a new job and he couldnt commit 2 both roles. Wonder if things have changed

Mon the papers
Ah fair enough, I didn't know Kieran was up there. [emoji106]
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