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Sounds like the amateurs are back ! Any ideas on how things are going to work regarding changing rooms etc ?  Down here in Bristol there are  parks league's starting next week, somehow, most are on council pitches with cramped dressing rooms. Trying to find out how they'll do things, the FA grassroots guide is almost : say if your temp is high, get changed, use hand sanitizer and get on with the game. Well,no one will say they can't play, and there won't be temp checks available, unless every club has bought one !

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Update from Bristol, the Sunday League started yesterday  with no changing rooms being used, players either turned up in kit or changed wherever they could. The Saturday Leagues start this week, so am guessing that the council pitches will be the same. Maybe that will change in winter when they decide the changing rooms can be used. At least the game has restarted, not as we know it. 

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