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  1. Brilliant work Hibee, interesting to see some of the movements over the years.
  2. Knew my primary school maths would come back to haunt me ! spfl 42 clubs plus 6 new clubs (all licensed champions + others to make 48) In future the HL and LL champions replace clubs 47, 48. West & East champs play club 46 in a round robin tournament. In theory 3/4 champions could get promoted. Think i need a lie down.
  3. 3 divisions of 16 = 30 games. Two up and down, HL & L.L champions come straight up. West Premier champions v EOS winners - they play club 46. Saves all the play-off nonsense.
  4. Just a quickie to find out the answers : Why doesn't the SFA keep licence applications open all the time ? Just giving deadlines nearer the season end - and/or giving clubs extra time to get work done. Would you ever get a situation where you only get into the West Premier IF you're licensed ? The situation is similar down south as many league winners can or only want to go so far - becoming stagnant in their leagues.
  5. Somerset Div 3 : Tunley Athletic (Bath) v Draycott (Cheddar) 1-2 att around 20. Final nail in the Tunley coffin means they've lost all 26 games, youngsters a bit naive, unfit imo, and unable to get the ball down too often. At least they turn up and keep the club going, fair play when most others would fold up. Draycott not much better on the day, just a bit more experienced.
  6. Western Lge : Oldland Abbotonians 6 Millbrook 0. Fairly easy v the relegated Cornish visitors, who did their best to cause unrest. In 1st half down to 9 men, both sin binned. One comes back on, sin binned again and then gets sent off - but doesnt walk. What a clown. The return game on monday a bit far for me these days (nr to Plymouth 130 mls each way)
  7. Glous County relegation finally sorted at the Hamfield Leisure Centre ( on sight of Berkeley Power Station) Sharpness 5 Gala Wilton 1 att around 100. Blistering start aided by poor non defending, at 30 game almost over. Raft of 2nd half subs disrupts the game,at least Gala make a better fist of it, but sadly it's back into the Gloucestershire Northern Senior League for them next season.
  8. Further relegation adventures in Glos County Lge : Little Stoke 1 Almondsbury 2 att 76. Vital 3 pts in the local derby, though the Stokers seldom threatened until late pressure - Almonds in control against the long ball tactics.
  9. Agree, usually draw the line at basic railed off/park pitches as there arent any structures etc. Sure the Cardiff chap will enjoy the scenery at least - should be knackered after doing those games, fair play. Watching highlights from afar - my next visit due in August.
  10. Massive result at Oldbury Lane : Wick 0 Almondsbury 1 att 75+ (Glos County) Deserved win for the struggling visitors, should have been a bigger margin.Wick seldom threatened in their last game of season, battle to avoid the drop livens up.
  11. Guess youre looking at Beith maybe drawing a few games, whilst the likes of Talbot win the majority of theirs. We know it could happen, i wouldnt bet on anything yet. There are some good battles throughout the West, promotions at stake - wish i was up there. Enjoy the games.
  12. Glos County Lge : Hardwicke 1 Hanham 5 att 30+ another nail in the relegation coffin as the hosts crumbled. They should have been ahead, but wasted 3 glorious chances in the 1st half. Poor defending cost them dearly, and wasting a penalty at 14 summed things up.
  13. Forgive me if I sound insane, but isn't the idea of playing football - win lose or draw - means clubs get promoted, relegated and the rest happily stagnate. I was under the impression that the Reserve/Colts/ Spare players X1/ couldn't be promoted, so what's the bloody point ? Said it many times, Spfl, sort out your own reserve league and leave the 'proper' football clubs alone
  14. Glos County Lge at Pomphrey Hill Playing fields : Bromley Heath Utd 2 Almondsbury 1 att 35/40 Just a late consolation for the Almonds as they stay in bottom three, not a bad game, plenty of effort but lacking in quality. With Avonmouth F.C already champions its the relegation scrap keeping things going.
  15. My week finishes back at Benburb for the West Scotland Cup semi final's : Armadale (airdrie) v Troon Town (ayr) 7-0 gulf in class and ability clear to see, guess well done Troon on making it thus far. Pather FC (airdrie) v Maryhill Milan (gdsfl) 2-1 apart from a late surge,Milan never really got any control v a lively, hard working Pather side who thoroughly deserved the win. Att around 150+ over the two games.
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