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Forfar withdraw from SWPL1


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Sad to see that Forfar can't get a squad together for the season. They've been stalwarts of the game for so long.

Partick Thistle move up to SWPL1, with SWPL2 dropping to 7 clubs.


"Scottish Women’s Football (SWF) and the Perform and Win Committee, commonly referred to as the League Management Committee (LMC), have been informed by Forfar Farmington FC that they will be unable to participate in Scottish Women’s Premier League (SWPL) 1. 

At this time, SWF continues to engage with and support Forfar Farmington. While SWF is saddened by the clubs decision regarding their women’s team, it is pleased to note that the club will continue to develop their youth section and to play a positive role within the community.

With Forfar Farmington pulling out of SWPL 1, Partick Thistle were approached to fill this position within the league. This is due to the team finishing third in SWPL 2 in 2020/21 and being in a position to meet all the relevant SWPL 1 criteria.

SWF can confirm that Partick Thistle have accepted the position, meaning SWPL 1 will remain a ten team league for 2021/22. SWPL 2 will feature 7 teams as no team could be promoted on sporting merit due to the Championship not having yet completed a full season.

SWF CEO, Aileen Campbell, said: “This is obviously a very disappointing situation for all involved – Forfar Farmington have been instrumental in helping to grow the women’s game in Scotland and I know how much the team means to all those involved at the club, along with the wider community. The last year has been incredibly challenging and unfortunately, football has not been immune from the impact of COVID-19. We will continue to work with Forfar Farmington as they move to concentrate on the youth element of their game and continue to provide valuable football opportunities for women and girls in Angus and beyond.

“Of course, this decision comes with wider implications, and it is important to ensure the integrity of SWF competitions. That is why the SWF Board have taken the necessary steps to maintain a 10 team SWPL 1 – Partick Thistle will join the league for 2021/22 and I have no doubt based on their work on and off the field, will be a welcome addition to the league.

“We will also continue active dialogue with our valued SWPL 2 clubs to help shape the season ahead and to ensure a 10 team league for season 2022/23.”

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It's inevitable as women's football grows that established clubs field sides and  pick up the better players.

Sad for clubs like Farmington who have done so much for women's football and Glasgow City will be under same pressure, but I see it as a positive step in general 

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Sad indeed, I went to a Forfar Farmington game back in May, my first game after fans were allowed again. I got the impression they were a really well-run club with some excellent, hard-working, volunteers behind them. Shame this happened.

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