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Week 3


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Early Games

Falcons @ Giants 

Colts @ Titans 

Chargers @ Chiefs

Bengals @ Steelers

Bears @ Browns

Ravens @ Lions

Saints @ Patriots

Cardinals @ Jaguars

Football Team @ Bills


Late Games

Jets @ Broncos

Dolphins @ Raiders

Seahawks @ Vikings

Buccaneers @ Rams



Packers @ 49ers


So the Buccs visit to Los Angeles is the standout and the SNF game could be a cracker. Hopefully my Giants can get their first win of the season, they won’t have a better opportunity. What games are you lads looking forward to in week 3? 

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16 hours ago, Namond Brice said:

Thank f**k the Ravens are on at a decent time this week. I'm sure TNF and MNF is great if you stay in the States, but it's just on too late for me to fully enjoy the Lamar Jackson show.

Was Lamar Jackson in The Wire?

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1 hour ago, jagfox BLM said:

Bee n hard to pick results this season especially against the spread. Anyone got any fancies for tonight? 

Ravens, Cardinals, Falcons treble for the earlys.

Buccs, Raiders double for the 9pm games.

All on the spread.


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2 minutes ago, lichtie23 said:

The Falcons deserve to go 0-17 for those horrendous uniforms 

Aye, I'm not happy with that font.  Lions in all-grey is pretty horrible too.  I like the Browns' strips today.  

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