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Keeper looking for club .

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Is this the same boy that let in nine goals recently, and spent the last fifteen minutes of the game desperately trying to get the referee to send him off ?
Or is this chap the second choice behind that nutjob ? [emoji848]
The same boy that let in the nine goals [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
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I remember some years ago my mate conceded 5 goals and after the game a "scout" tried to sign him for Glasgow Perthshire. He laughed though it appears the "scout" was deadly serious. Though that was in the days of proper junior fitbaw!

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24 minutes ago, jimbaxters said:

This thread has been a case study in the perils of social media. An innocent posting led to the boy getting roasted. Unreal.


Maybe an innocent posting but innocent he aint.

Any club who would potentially take him on had a right to know how he behaved

You didnt see his behaviour at 1st hand. Could easily have escalated.

If he came on and apologised I may have some sympathy.

I actually dont think he could directly be blamed for any of the 9 goals

So i would suggest Ardeer binned him because of the way he reacted rather than his ability as a keeper.

Hopefully he has learned a lesson

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