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Musselburgh Athletic 2022/2023

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Here's to an exciting new season with The Burgh, with many faces coming & going this pre-season. 

We're definitely a team in transition so expectations aren't too high, but a big club from a big town deserves a big season! Hope so! #montheburgh 💙

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Following the conclusion of their contracts on 1st June, the following players have departed the club for pastures new: 
Josh Jeffries 
Jordan Orru
Gregor Woods (Loan from Spartans)
Liam Gregory
Darren Downie
Ben McGinley
Greg Page

Everyone at Musselburgh Athletic wishes them well!


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The following 12 players have committed to staying at Olivebank next season.

Ross McRae
Liam Reid
John McManus
Matty Knox
Declan O’Kane
Lloyd Fiddler
Jackie Myles
Ethan Wynne
Ben Reilly
Conor Thomson
Mathu King
Jordan Smith


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3 hours ago, the hit man and her said:

no comments , as of yet , from casey jones about the mathu king testimonial on saturday , how strange this is considering he had plenty to say about a good friend of mine that appeared on radio saltire on the friday night! The guy in question was there supporting mathu on saturday such is his dedication towards all football in general!

That remark is not even worthy of this response. Since you know who Casey Jones is, then you know perfectly well he was also at Olivebank supporting Mathu on Saturday and has made many a positive comment about Mathu elsewhere.

Ps you obviously don’t have anything to substantiate this message, apart from trying to stir. I only made one comment about your good friend, which was factually correct.  See yah! 

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53 minutes ago, the hit man and her said:

factually incorrect to make a comment about a good friend , who cannot answer you back? factually incorrect to ridicule someone who has not even seen you, and has had no contact with you , for well over a year now? You sir, are the one who is trying to stir, and you alone! Shame on you, kenneth is a good friend, so kindly refrain from making any further comments on social media. See yah!!!

Funny person you are. You are certainly using factually incorrect wrong with the examples you are quoting. Also you know me but I don’t know you yet you are telling me off? Come back when you are grown up and know your diction. 

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1 hour ago, the hit man and her said:

the fact is, you are a charlatan and a troll, making comments about kenneth on twitter, when he cannot reply! Think it is you who needs to grow up, and stop your infantile posts? See yah!!!

This will be the last time I make comment on here with you. The Musselburgh page, just established, should not have crap like this appearing on it. First of all please look up charlatan in the dictionary as I am not sure you even know what it means. 

Its funny, cause a while ago Kenneth used the word troll a few times in tweets he sent to me. Maybe you are the man himself or maybe he is dictating what he wants to say (from you) on this page. A charlatan is someone who "falsely claiming to have a special knowledge" - Please take time to look at what Kenneth says about so called friends of his and also some tweets to people who are not friends of his. 

As of being a troll, I saw a tweet from someone else and made one comment about Kenneth. Haven't seen Kenneth's tweets in a long time. In fact last year I came off twitter for a period because of the abuse I faced from him. Thank you and enjoy your football this season.

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21 minutes ago, John S said:

Darren Downie announced at Broxburn

Don’t think Darren had a great season but then neither did Musselburgh. He ended up top scorer on last day of season and I think he will be a loss for Burgh. A number of top players left last season and in close season. Remains to be seen if the same quantity of players can come to Olivebank for 2022-23. If not we could be in a bit of trouble.  

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5 hours ago, the hit man and her said:

as a really close friend of kenneth, these comments are,indeed, false! Will be observing and monitoring your twitter page on his behalf to make sure that this fabrication, about a man who cannot defend himself stops! You, indeed, are by no means the innocent chap, in all of this, that you make out! Stop the balderdash and the ridicule! See yah!!!

Take it somwewhere else guys.

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Pre-season training began yesterday for Musselburgh at Olivebank. Can’t remember such a short period of time from end of season to preparing again for the following season.

Burgh lost a number of good players last season and the question is; can we can get same calibre in for this season. Two players announced so far. Look forward to seeing new names coming up soon.

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On 20/06/2022 at 21:36, Passthebaw said:

A welcome addition from Spartans. Aaron Murrell signs on for season 22/23 👍


An exciting signing.  Hopefully a few more to follow, we start back in a couple of weeks and it would be good to get the boys bedded in before it all kicks off properly.

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