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Scotland v Ukraine (21st Sep)


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On 24/09/2022 at 22:00, Monkey Tennis said:

Fair enough.

You've been right on the Gilmour front.  Some of the reaction to a couple of promising displays was ridiculous.

That's the point. It's people getting carried away, not thinking or taking a wider view. The Billy Gilmour thread & the Time to go Steve Clarke are two of my favorite threads to hang around and snipe in while @KingRocketman II and @BingMcCrosby are two of my favourite posters to pick on 😁 but in fairness most of my other posts are relatively benign reporting of information and not contrarian.

I agree that Billy Gilmour is a promising young player with a unique skillset for Scotland and could have a great career. Who knows? perhaps he'll even eventually be considered world class at some stage. So yeah that's basically where I'm coming from with my posting basically.

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