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Falkirk v Edinburgh

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Theres been good and shite from us in that half. Occasionally we have moved the ball quickly, mostly through McGinn, Lawal or Nesbitt and opened up a chance or two but often we are so ponderous getting out from the back. When they show Donaldson a load of space in the middle, he drives into then no c**t moves. Best chance from My view was when Nesbitt got Morrison through but he seems to be in one of his more wasteful moods today.

Get Yeats on for Mckay and create a better option out there maybe....

It seems like the whole team has been told to get 10 yards further up the park. Bodies closer to Burrell and McGinn and Nesbitt getting more involved in the final third, but its all a bit too slow for the most part still. Think the fans are being a bit hard on them maybe but that's what happens after a let down like last week. Up to them to earn it again.

How good was the knuckleball from Coll Donaldson btw [emoji1787]

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1 minute ago, Raith_Raver said:

Dunferline losing 2-0 at same time ;)

You’re sad as f**k mate. 

i mean, let’s be honest, you thought Edinburgh had scored, didn’t you? 🤣

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