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DA Baracus

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1. Michael Keaton 

2. Christian Bale

3. Kevin Conroy

4. Adam West

5. Val Kilmer


Incidentally, the list of 'Bruce Waynes' would be different (although Keaton would still be number one).

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In no order,
Keaton, Affleck, Conroy, Bale & Jason O'Mara

Special shout out to Troy Baker too, Does Lego Batman stuff and voices Joker in a few things too.

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On 14/01/2024 at 18:44, Bully Wee Villa said:

Don Bradman

Viv Richards

Sachin Tendulkar

Brian Lara

Garfield Sobers

Cricket is absolutely abysmal but 'Garfield Sobers' is an excellent name. 

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