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Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

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Err, is there not a mega long thread like this already?

Anyways, never one to miss on a moaning session,

1. People who double park instaed of walking an xtra 50 feet to a parking space. That's what you have legs for you fat waste of spaces. :angry:

2. People who let their dogs crap in the street. Manky filthy vermin. :angry: Litter as well :angry:

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ive a got "petty things" top five.

1. Noisy eaters

2. People that "clack" their chewing gum

3. People that walk in to you in pubs or clubs and dont apologise

4. People that are late

5. When you are playing pool, and the person you are playing stands and talks to their mates for ages when you are waiting on them playing their shot.

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People who don't like Romauld Bouadji. Grrrr.

I dont even know who he is.


Slow drivers esp. caravans and tractors. Tractors are designed for fields. Get them the f**k off the roads. Also arseholes that drive around in ancient Peugeots and Citroens with big exhausts. Your car's shit - why are you advertising it to us all so much.

People who leave things lying around and expect others to pick them up.

People who think they are funny but in reality are as funny as a 2 week dose of the runs.

Loud people esp. Americans.

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Noty so much annoys me but I always find it curious.

Why do people stand waiting for ages to cross a busy road rather than walk 20 yards along the road to a zebra crossing??

To live life on the edge

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Put the bottle in the freezer for as long as you have, and drink it straight. It's brilliant when it's really cold and actually drinkable.

Or pour the vodka into a bowl and mix it with toothpaste, it gives it a nice mint flavour.

Not that I've ever been desperate enough to try that like........

Aye drink it straight Adam Wee ya pussy!!! :lol:

Anyway...c***s who throw litter out of their motors in the country side...absolutely no fuckin need for it whatsoever...c***s... :angry:

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