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  1. A couple of people in these posts who I would never have even classed as comedians. James Corden is indeed horrific, but is he really a comedian? Who’s the scouse lad who is all over Facebook, from some comedy club? He seems a bit imbecilic and not particularly funny.
  2. You’re lower than the Mariana Trench. Get yerself to f**k.
  3. Only those who are worthy of it, and YOU make it so fucking easy.
  4. I think Don has been as clear as he could be. The Trust, and its machinations, as it has been over the last while is probably not fit for purpose. Starting afresh with a new organisation with fresh blood would probably make sense, but I would imagine isn’t possible, especially if it is still a shareholder and has legal obligations to Supporters Direct etc.? The amount of bridges that were burnt because of the Massone episode was startling. I’m not convinced our fan base ever recovered. The levels of opposition shown by sets of supporters who were against/behind him, was as vehemently fought as any match I’ve ever seen on the pitch at Almondvale. It’s probably one of the reasons why our support is so apathetic, which isn’t a criticism at all.
  5. Your sanctimony is breathtaking. In relation to the Trust meeting, I will be there, current health dependent. Ward said himself on Facebook that he would be attending, so why come across all “peace in our time” as if you’re spreading some more gossip?
  6. When was the hearing deciding whether the club paid Hogarth’s expenses?
  7. You are, of course, correct. I’m naively pursuing a panacea by hoping for the whole S.P in relation to what goes on and has gone on in the past. I just merely wanted to demonstrate that there are fans who do want to discuss the more anodyne behind the scenes stuff as much as the current form of the team. I agree with everything you say. Here hoping for far better days ahead pal.
  8. Couple of things for me here. First of all, I think calling the stuff from certain posters “bile”, is a bit much. What I’ll also say Troy, is that there are Livi supporters like me (how many I don’t know) that are more than happy to talk about Massone and other shitty eras. I actually think that the way some folk come across when his name is mentioned is childish, and a bit head in the sand. He wasn’t the devil incarnate. He wasn’t Voldemort. He was a real life, dreadful fucking owner. And to just shudder at his (and others) time at the club and stick one’s head in the sand, rather than actually talk rationally about what they were like (horrific) and why he in particular felt he could get away with what he did, isn’t healthy in my opinion. In relation to what’s going on just now? I’d LOVE to know more. I’d love to know more though, from the club first of all and from anyone else involved. McIlvogue, Hogarth, whoever. Not through faceless accounts on a football forum. I’d love the club to explain what’s going on with McIlvogue, why his ownership hasn’t been ratified etc. I’d love something from the club in relation to the Hogarth case. The club was told by Lord Braid that they had a kernel of a case. Is that being pursued? Lord Braids judgement was in relation to the clubs pleadings and their request for another opportunity to vary them. THATS what he rejected. Yet why is it being peddled everywhere that Hogarth actually won his case? Has he? As I say, I’d love to know more about this stuff. I’d like to know more from those directly involved though, not via illicit PMs on a message board.
  9. He’s nothing even approaching stupid. He’s clever enough to know that when one attempt at remaining in the public conscious (his football “philosopher” schtick) isn’t bringing in enough readies, he needs to try something else. What's worrying is that he isn’t clever enough to see how dangerous peddling this shite is. Either that, or he genuinely doesn’t give a f**k. Abhorrent? Yep. Morally repugnant? You bet. Stupid? Not for me, Laura.
  10. I see from that (piece of magnificence, quite frankly) that you have Glynis Johns as having croaked on 2/1/24. All the obits I’ve seen have her dying on the 4th?
  11. I think any talk of him leaving is pretty pointless to be honest. He’s going nowhere, despite current form/squad (dis?)harmony etc.
  12. I get the above. Genuinely. My fear though, is that whilst the budget at the start of the season has perhaps been adhered to, there may very well be costs etc that weren’t known at the start of the season that have cropped up. I’m aware that this is probably all coming across as negative or foreboding (I’ve already been greenied by RTCB today ffs), but the bleak outlook I feel just now for the club is for me far more tangible than it ever has been. I hope and pray that I’m wrong, but relegation is a certainty for me. I can’t see anything like the change in form required that will see us win three more games than our nearest rivals between now and seasons end.
  13. We’re staring huge financial difficulties in the face, whether that be court action or relegation. Because of that, the notion that we replace underperforming players in a bloated squad with yet more players, is surely for the birds?
  14. Wouldnae mind a first blood ruling on David Soul/Glynis Johns as well chief.
  15. What with the way he’s been ranted at after some games (poor performance or not), there’s no way that picture is real, if only for the reason that George would be within his rights to be even more dismissive than he allegedly is there.
  16. I have genuinely, and I mean this, never been fucking more giddy.
  17. The only player I can think of who had a “name” as such, promised loads but never actually appeared, was David Luongo. French guy we signed at the same time as Tony Andreu. This was a couple of years before Hippolyte though. Could you be thinking of Moses Duckrell? He was in the squad with Hippolyte, and never made an appearance.
  18. He was subbed off just before the equaliser, but Lewis Miley looks a helluva composed player for his age.
  19. Think it’s only fair that I make clear why I deleted my post. Whilst I’ve got zero time for his ranting etc (the incident at Stenny and countless examples of him going at it in our own home dressing room, so loud you can hear it in the stand), he’s proven on other occasions that he gets it right. I’m thinking of the help he gave Max Stryjeck, and the compassion with which he dealt with Dan Barden. I have major misgivings over the hold he has on our club and, in all honesty, he’s never really won me over due to his past. That’s just me though, and I’m aware that it’s probably an unpopular opinion. Either way, to call him nothing but a bully was wrong.
  20. Nonsensical line up from the manager, dreadful performance over the ninety minutes, Levein standing there all game with a face that just screams “You seem upset” as his team snatch the points late on, leading to outrage behind the home dug out and the manager wanting to go battling with someone. It’s what Santa would have wanted.
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